Slice of Grapefruit
Senior Creative

Alive in Amsterdam

Bestfriend to two toddlers

Very ungrateful toddlers

They ask a lot of questions

Never stay for the answers

Then ask me to wipe their butt

They don't even flush

Do you want them?

Just kidding I like them 


to keep them.

I write stories too

Some of them are good (I think) 

Most of them are unfinished

I like to think I'll finish before I die

But you know, who knows 

And if you're wondering

why there is a picture

of a half-peeled grapefruit?


great question

that is about to be answered

are you going to stay for the answer

or are you my toddler?

It's because 

I don't have better pictures

And Wix gave me this free image

Very artistic

Love it

But most importantly


They say nothing 

in life is free









this is the bottom of the well

The Dissolving Bottle

One Show Bronze
Cannes Lions Design Bronze
D&AD Shortlist

A shampoo bar redesigned into the shape of a bottle to make it more intuitive.

SNICKERS | Wrong World Finals

Cannes Lion Shortlist
Epica Shortlist
Spikes Asia Bronze
AdFest Lotus Bronze
Ad Stars Silver

Snickers becomes the official sponsor of (everything but) the World Cup to be part of one the world's biggest sporting event - without shelling out millions of dollars to be an official sponsor.

This is a picture of a bird

My kids love to chase pigeons. We don't have pigeons in Manila so these big fat birds are a riot to them. When they start chasing pigeons they really get in the zone. There's a tram coming to run them over but that doesn't matter. Catching the pigeon they have never and will never catch is greater than life itself. NOW THINKS ABOUT THIS if grown-ups could have the laser-focus of a pigeon-catching child we'd be so productive. We'd also be tram roadkill but SO PRODUCTIVE.


This is not a picture of a pigeon - but it's free thanks to Wix!

*This is not an ad

**No you can't have your wasted time back


OLD SPICE | The Smell That Never Dies

The smell that never dies (up)
The sale that never happens (down)
Weird sh*t (everywhere)  

Number 13

Public Relations

FACEBOOK | GiF Learning Library

One Show shortlist

A series of GiF-animated stories housed on Instagram stories, made for Facebook and the Child’s Rights Network. We layered 1,248 GiF stickers to create these books so my art director still hates me.

Department of Tourism | Be Part of the Font

Visual testimonials on Instagram, crowd-sourced through a font that requires human participation.

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 15.44.00.png

This project is a resource for parents to educate their children about staying safe at home and online during the pandemic. It is a series of GiF-animated stories housed on Instagram stories, in partnership with Facebook and the Child’s Rights Network. We used nearly 1,200 layered GiF stickers. My art director still hates me.

Johnson's Baby | Playstreet

Cannes Lion shortlist

Johnson’s Baby launched a project to map out city streets where children play - to make it safer to play outdoors. Using street view, we built a database for GPS apps to integrate these streets into their system and create appropriate alerts for cars to slow down.

Pepsi | Liter of Light

Cannes Lion Bronze
London Clio Gold
Spikes Asia Bronze

The Liter of Light is a worldwide project that brings an affordable, solar-light solution to developing countries around the world. It began as a collaboration with Pepsi and My Shelter Foundation in 2012. Together, we launched the Cannes-winning campaign that brought the initiative into the global spotlight. It has evolved over the years into street lights for off-the-grid towns and even portable lamps.


(and mostly unfinished)